Don Edgardo

Don Edgardo, 57 years old, is our modeler and one of the reasons we started manufacturing leather goods, besides footwear. We are glad to say that he has been part of our workshop for over 10 years now. Married for 27 years, he´s also a proud father who recently saw his daughter graduate from nursing school, in part thanks to all his hard work.

Don Edgardo has been working in the leather industry since he was 15 years old, starting as an apprentice and production assistant, later becoming part of the pattern department; he discovered his passion for leather and strived to become a modeler.

As a meticulous and valuable skilled artisan, he pays attention to details in every creation, and is always willing to teach and share his knowledge and techniques with others. One of the things he likes more of working in SantaCroce is the friendly environment and the strong bond he has with his colleagues. He has been able to nurture his creativity over time just by experimenting with the variety of colors and textures of our fashion leathers. The best part of his job will always be watching a happy and satisfied client with one of his creations.