Our Story

Our story

SantaCroce group has been part of a strategic relationship between companies, starting over 40 years ago as a dreamed family company. In 1974, the tannery was established under the principles of: Innovation, Sustainability, Inclusiveness, Learning, and Social & Environmental Consciousness. In 1977, as a project to test and prove the quality of the leather production, we founded our sister company of footwear and workshop.


Later on, in order to create a space to exhibit and specially materialize our clients´s ideas and needs, in 2009 we launched the SantaCroce brand, under the idea of not only to design our products, but also to focus on the people who experience them.

We believe there is only one way to craft a SantaCroce product: with quality materials, construction, and talented and skilled 100% Salvadoreans craftsmen and artisans.

Our main goal is to work under two important concepts:

-Preserve the hides’s originality by keeping genuine marks and characteristics.

-Maintain a handmade component that cannot be easily replaced by the industry, so that the product becomes a canvas that tells your own story.

Each bag or accessory is the result of a great collaboration between our team of craftsmen, artisans and designers, using only high quality leather and materials. At SantaCroce we continue to explore new innovative ways to remain under our motto “In the art of leather, creativity has no limits”.